Ultramicrobalanta UYA 2.4Y F PLUS Ultramicrobalanta UYA 2.4Y F PLUS

Ultramicrobalanta UYA 2.4Y F PLUS

Stainless steel detachable weighing chamber
4Y.F PLUS series feature a stainless steel chamber for filter weighing. Innovative disassembly system facilitates chamber cleaning. Its lid is partly made of glass therefore the operator can observe the filter and make sure that it remains in the same position after chamber closing. The chamber is a highly hermetic solution, and the large weighing
pan intended for filters allows precise measurement of filters of various sizes.
Significantly Fast Measurement
Powerful processor offers new possibilities of operation assuring short indication stabilization time and repeatability.
Intuitive Operation and Touch Screen
5.7” colour touch screen enables intuitive operation and easy access to numerous applications and functions of the weighing instrument.
Touch-Free Operation
Two programmable proximity sensors can be assigned with any function or application. The given function when assigned is both run and operated touch-free.
Numerous Options of Data Management
Extensive storage capacity enables record of all measurement data in a form of complex reports and statistical graphs.
New autolevelling system ensures ground tilt test,automatic balance levelling, control of the correct balance level and confirmation of correct balance level on adjustment and weighing reports.
21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Module
4Y.F PLUS series is compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and EU GMP part 4, annex 11. This means that the PLUS series features numerous functions for protecting and monitoring work results of particular operators.

Readability0,1 µg
Pan Sizeø 50 mm
Max capacity [Max]2,1 g
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