RMCS System Network Management of Calibration Process RMCS System Network Management of Calibration Process

RMCS System Network Management of Calibration Process

 RMCS system is dedicated to management of calibrating and testing procedures in a laboratory from the moment of accepting an order, through its progress and until issuing a calibration certificate. The software manages the complete calibrating and testing process.

The operation of mass comparators in connection with the software for network management of calibration process provides improved efficiency, reliable measurement results and complete documentation from calibration process, together with lower labour costs.

The system enables initiating the calibration procedure by ordering a task to a mass comparator, and autonomous executing calibration process on a mass comparator. In both cases, data is transferred to the software for the purpose of registering, controlling and finally issuing a calibration certificate.

Mass comparators linked in the RMCS system autonomously cooperate with THB ambient conditions monitors enabling recording major ambient factors like temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure throughout the control process. The modules are detachable from the mass comparators for calibration and adjustment of their sensors.
Data on current ambient conditions is displayed in real time on mass comparator’s display. The data is also sent do RMCS software for control and archiving purposes.

System modules:

Ambient conditions monitoring module:
• Installed and in direct cooperation with a mass comparator;
• Enabling recording ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure) and calculating air density;
• Continuous monitoring of ambient conditions in direct vicinity of a mass comparator and its weighing chamber;
• Graphic presentation of ambient conditions on mass comparator’s display.

Weighing module:
• Automatic and manual mass comparators used as components of the RMCS system;
• Access and management of databases on: standards, test objects, from the level of RMCS software;
• Execution of calibration tasks ordered in the RMCS software;
• Self test procedure determining mass comparator’s repeatability parameter;
• Transfer of measurement results to the software memory.

Calculating and data storage module:
• Sending tasks to mass comparators;
• Downloading data on mass and ambient conditions from mass comparators;
• Operation on databases of clients / tasks / standards;
• Monitoring of future calibration dates;
• Database of accomplished calibrations, printouts and saved documentation.

Software functions:

RMCS functionality:

• Complete management of a metrological laboratory calibrating mass standards and weights with application of Y series of mass comparators;
• Calibration using ABBA and ABA methods;
• Application of MS SQL database for network supervision of multiple computer stands;
• Complete management of calibration orders;
• Extended database of mass standards and test objects;
• Extended database of clients, operators and users;
• Database of manual and automatic mass comparators;
• Database of calibration orders;
• Managing pending tasks based on issued calibration orders;
• Planning tasks and orders execution;
• Weight checking procedure without an order – Quick Check option;
• Manual or automatic calibration of test objects;
• Cooperation with automatic mass comparators;
• Bilateral data synchronization with mass comparators;
• Reporting from calibration process;
• Issuing calibration certificates according to pre-defined template;
• Exporting report results to various file formats: PDF, MS Word, Excel;
• Record of events;
• Register of orders and calibration certificates;
• Saving copies of all calibration protocols, orders, calibration certificates and records of ambient conditions;
• Secured access to the software – log in procedure using password.

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