Platforma industriala cu 4 celule WPT/4 150 H6/Z Platforma industriala cu 4 celule WPT/4 150 H6/Z

Platforma industriala cu 4 celule WPT/4 150 H6/Z

Precise Weighing Indications in Challenging Industrial Conditions
Mass measurement carried out using 4 load cells guarantees weighing accuracy regardless positioning of the load on the platform. The scale ensures precise and fast mass measurement in challenging industrial conditions.
Robustness and Resistance to Ambient Conditions
Robust platform made of stainless steel allows to operate large loads in moist environment and at direct contact with water (e.g. meat and fish industry).
Versatility of Use
The scale can be embedded in the ground which enables easy entry of the loads without a necessity for ramps application. Opened weighing pan enables easy access to scale mechanical design. This option is useful for maintenance purposes and allows to keep the scale clean.
Cooperation with PUE C/31 H Indicator
The scale can be operated via uncomplicated and reliable PUE C/31 H indicator housed in a stainless steel housing.
Uninterrupted Operation due to an Internal Battery
Integrated battery of the weighing indicator enables several hours long mobile operation.
Ergonomics and Comfort of Operation
With use of a long cable it is possible to locate the indicator in a place facilitating convenient operation or on the wall. An additional accessory enables placing the indicator on a stand.
Customizable Instrument
Numerous variants of weighing pan dimensions and broad range of maximum capacities enable selecting the best weighing instrument suiting specific requirements and needs.
Uncomplicated Operation and Clear Presentation of Indications
Due to a backlit LCD display the measurement result is clearly visible. Easy operation enables fast and reliable measurements to be carried out even by an inexperienced operator

Capacitatea maxima [Max]150 kg
Readability50 g
IP ratingIP 68 platform , IP68/69 indicator
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