Parameter Editor Parameter Editor

Parameter Editor

Parameter Editor is a modern and user-friendly software for easy and quick configuration of parameters. The software supports WLY, WPY, HY10, 3Y, 4Y weighing instruments and PUE HY10, PUE 7.1 terminals. Remote access option enables displaying instrument’s desktop and current mass on the computer screen.
Additionally, it allows connecting with the weighing instrument via Internet, thus providing a quick assistance in configuration for customers for whom the service cannot be provide in a usual way.


    Remote change of parameters
    Remote on-line preview of the display
    Displaying current mass indication
    Software update
    File loading, edition and saving parameters to a file
    Import and export of the parameters
    Interfaces: RS 232 (without remote preview), Ethernet and Wireless Connection
    Quick and easy edition of the parameters using computer

Parameter Editor

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