Mw Manager Mw Manager

Mw Manager

 "MW Manager" freeware is designed to establish cooperation between a weighing module MW-01 and a PC computer. The application enables adjustment (calibration) of the MW-01 (i.e. determining start mass, determining adjustment coefficient, determining gravity correction value, linearity correction), mass reading, tarring, zeroing and setting filters.

Note: Correct functioning of the MwManager freeware in MS Windows environment requires installing an add-on: ".NET framework 2.0" or higher.


    Adjustment (calibration) of the weighing module MW-01 and MW-04;
    Mass reading and displaying from the weighing module MW-01 and MW-04 on PC computer's display;
    Taring and zeroing of the MW-01 and MW-04 from computer level;
    Setting linearity of the MW-01 and MW-04;
    Setting weighing filters for the MW-01 and MW-04.

Mw Manager

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