E2R Weighing Records E2R Weighing Records

E2R Weighing Records

E2R Weighing records module is successfully employed with keeping weighing records on scales and weighing systems connected into a network and configured in a computer data base.

It is particularly useful in processes, where weighed goods are not combined directly to each other by data, and they are not involved in a weighing process with determined start and stop point (like transactions or production orders). E2R weighing records module is directed to customers in various industrial branches, like: meat, food-processing, chemical, fish, sugar and engineering.

E2R Weighnig record:

    Collection of data;
    Weighing process monitoring;
    Counting pieces;
    Report from performed weighing processes;
    Summing of weighing processes;
    Random filtering of collected data;
    Adding up of filtered data;
    Simplified reporting - standard reports with printing / exporting to file option;
    Tracking of goods flow;
    Cooperation with printers and label printers ;
    Cooperation with other E2R System modules ;
    Cooperation with scales series WPW and based on PUE5 indicator;
    Cooperation with scales based on PUE7 indicator;
    Modification of application look.

Standard reports from E2R Weighing records:

    Report for Goods;
    Report for Operator;
    Report for Contractor;
    Report for Batch;
    Report for Scale.

Module components:

    Weighing terminal PUE5 ,
    Indicator PUE C41,
    Weighing terminal PUE7
    Receipt printers,
    Barcode scanner,
    Transponder card scanner.

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