E2R Moisture Analyzers E2R Moisture Analyzers
E2R Moisture Analyzers E2R Moisture Analyzers

E2R Moisture Analyzers

E2R (Network Management Module) allows for remote control over measurement process perfomed on multiple Radwag moisture analyzers connected into a network.

The data is stored into MS SQL 2000 or 2005 computer database. Processed data enable generating graphs and reports of completed drying processes.

The software has practical application in laboratories and production plants using RADWAG moisture analyzers for systematic monitoring of production process. This is an indispensible tool in any facility where control, archiving and real-time analysis of drying data is required.

E2R Moisture analyzer - functions:

    Acquiring data from a moisture analyzer and saving them in MS SQL database:
    On-line operation allows real-time monitoring of drying processes in progress, from any PC,
    On-line previewing drying process status, including:
        Current mass in grams,
        One of the current results:
        (moisture content %M, dry content %D, moisture/dry %R, mass in grams, percentage graph %M),
        Current temperature,
        Drying order status,
        Start date and time of a drying process,
        Drying time,
        Date and time of recording measurements into database,
        Start mass;
        End mass;
        Final result;
        Drying mode;
        Temperature of a drying order;
        Type of order finish mode order.
    On-line previewing data on current measurements and drying results:
        Date and time of carried out measurement;
        Total mass;
        Current result;
        Printout measuring unit.
    On-line generating of graphs related to drying time:
    Access to reports generated by a moisture analyzer;
    Support and simultaneous monitoring of 16 moisture analyzers;
    Automatic establishing connection between moisture analyzers with a database after PC start up (working as OS service);
    Moisture analyzers can be connected through multiport RS 232 card or Ethernet/RS232 converter within Ethernet network
    Data and records filters, grouping and sorting of orders and single measurements;
    Records of reports and graphs:
        Selected order record;
        Overall comparison of results.
    Definable access levels for software users;
    Multilanguage interface of each system component;
    Graphical interface customization: individual reports and graphs templates;
    Operation in Ethernet network

Minimum hardware requirements:

PC specification:

    Processor 2 GHz
    RAM 1 GB
    OS MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    Minimum of 5 GB HDD free space

Compatibility with weighing instruments:

Software E2R Moisture analyzer cooperates with moisture analyzers MAX series with firmware version 44 and higher.

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