Balanta pentru controlul umiditatii MA 210.X7.A Balanta pentru controlul umiditatii MA 210.X7.A

Balanta pentru controlul umiditatii MA 210.X7.A

MA.X7.A series is equipped with innovative system: the drying chamber can be opened and closed automatically using button or proximity sensors.

Such solution allows:

Maintaining moisture analyzer clean – operator does not touch moisture analyzer’s housing.
Removing any shocks caused by manual closing of the chamber – the chamber closes automatically and always with the same intensity.
Achieving high repeatability of opening and closing the drying chamber.
Enhancing drying process automation.
Enhancing safety of operation by eliminating contact with hot components of drying chamber.
Improving operation ergonomics

Highlights of X7 Series moisture analyzers:

Automatic opening and closing of the drying chamber
7” capacitive colour touchpad
Modern interface
Uncomplicated, intuitive operation
Programmable display
Drying profiles (standard, mild, step, fast)
GLP/GMP printouts-reports
Repeatable and customized applications
Work optimization due to the use of halogen lamps

Collected data is registered in 8 databases:

Products (up to 5000 products)
Users (up to 100 users)
Packaging (up to 100 packagings)
Customers (up to 1000 customers)
Drying programs (up to 200 drying programs)
Drying process reports (up to 5000 drying process reports)
Ambient conditions (up to 10000 records)
Weighings (up to 50000 records)

Max capacity [Max]210 g
Readability1 mg
Heating moduleIR emitter
Display size7'' (touchscreen)
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