Balanta de inalta precizie PS 6100.R1.M Balanta de inalta precizie PS 6100.R1.M

Balanta de inalta precizie PS 6100.R1.M

Ease of Use and Measurements Accuracy
Combination of weighing accuracy and robust design enables applying PS R1 balances in most of the laboratory and industrial solutions.
Perfect Readability and Clear Information Layout
Large, easy-to-read LCD display offers not only a clear presentation of the weighing result, but also enables displaying messages related to the drying process as well as pictograms of active functions and working modes.
Quick Access to Selected Functions
Quick access keys located on the operation panel enable you to run a given function with just one click. You can assign some of the keys with a function of your choice.
RADWAG MonoBLOCK™, an Innovative Weighing System
The most advanced weighing system technology allowing measurement with the readability of d=0.01 g at 10 kg maximum capacity. The mechanism guarantees stable repeatability over the whole product life cycle, it also ensures high resistance to ambient conditions change.
Data Management
PS R1 information system is based on operators, products, weighings and tares databases. All saved data can be analysed, exported, imported or exchanged between weighing instruments.
ALIBI Memory
Internal ALIBI memory guarantees safety and automatic record of measurements copies, it also offers possibility to preview, copy and archive data.

Capacitatea maxima [Max]6100 g
Readability10 mg
Pan Size195×195 mm
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