Balanta analitica XA 220.5Y.A Balanta analitica XA 220.5Y.A

Balanta analitica XA 220.5Y.A

Reliable Results and Excellent Weighing Parameters
The best weighing parameters enable applying XA 4Y PLUS analytical balances in majority of demanding laboratory processes.
Innovative 2-Point Adjustment
The unique 2-point adjustment system guarantees the best accuracy of the weighing results and minimizes linearity errors thus ensuring reliable measurements within the whole measuring range.
Significantly Fast Measurements
Powerful processor offers new possibilities of operation assuring short indication stabilization time at a respective repeatability.
Second to None Repeatability and Compliance with USP
XA 4Y PLUS analytical balances feature the highest measurements accuracy, excellent repeatability and are compliant with USP requirements
(Chapter 41 and 1251).
Intuitive Operation and Touch Screen
5.7” colour touch screen enables intuitive operation and easy access to numerous applications and functions of the weighing instrument.
Automatic Control of the Level
Levelling system facilitates adjustment of device level, it also uninterruptedly controls the level state, and informs about potential level deviations.
Spacious Weighing Chamber
Large weighing chamber enables convenient operation using laboratory vessels of different dimensions.
Numerous Options of Data Management
Extensive storage capacity allows record of all measurement data in a form of complex reports and statistical graphs.

Capacitatea maxima [Max]220 g
Readability0,1 mg
Linearity±0,2 mg
Pan Sizeø 100 mm
Display size10'' (touchscreen)
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