Balanta analitica AS 62.X2 PLUS Balanta analitica AS 62.X2 PLUS

Balanta analitica AS 62.X2 PLUS

Ergonomic Mechanical Design
Spacious weighing chamber and large open-door clearance allow easy access to the weighing pan and facilitate use of laboratory glassware of various sizes and dimensions. Improved aluminium base of the balance guarantees stability of the weihging system. DUAL-CLICK system facilitates tool-free disassembly and assembly of the weighing chamber. Locating the USB interface at the balance front makes it easier to communicate with peripherals
LevelSENSING System
The in-built sensors measure tilt and display graphic message on the weighing device screen. Levelling system facilitates adjustment, controls the level state, and informs about level deviations, all this in accordance with GLP and GMP.
AS X2 PLUS balances feature numerous functions supporting and supervising mass measurement in laboratory, facilitating operation and limiting the risk of „human factor” errors, e.g. automatic adjustment, data control, ALIBI memory, automatic reports and ambient conditions monitoring
Antistatic Weighing Chamber
Weighing chamber panes feature antistatic coating compensating electrostatic charges on the sample and accessories used for mass measurement.
*Antistatic coating has been applied in balances with the readability of d=0.01mg
Display Customization
Functions displayed on the colour 5” touch screen can be customized to suit carried out process and user’s needs. Flexible configuration of buttons, labels and text fields is also a great advantage.
Kensington Lock
AS X2 PLUS balances are equipped with Kensington Lock, which allows to secure the device against theft.

Capacitatea maxima [Max]62 g
Readability0,01 mg
Repeatability0,01 mg
Minimum weight (USP)20 mg
Pan Sizeø 90 ø 85 mm (optional)
Adjustment/Calibrationinternal (automatic)
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